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Built with a creative spirit in-mind, an overclocked, 8-core processor sits at the heart of the Mk. III and packs a punch that rivals the performance of Mac Pro and other Windows based solutions. And it's not just all-work and no-play; the Mk. III is fitted with Nvidia's leading GeForce GPU series, which games just as hard as it crunches numbers. All of this, built on a fraction of a dime when compared to pricetags of other commercial workstations.

360 Camera

Virtual Reality Camera Array

Computer graphics based VR experiences are pretty cool, but what about optical VR experiences of real events? First prototype was built and tested over Spring Break 2015 with some good friends. Additional development done in a Computational Photography class, CS534, and project funding from Garage Physics at UW-Madison. This camera interfaces with Exhibit (project below) to create an end-to-end virtual reality solution concept.



Exhibit is a cross-platform mobile application that explores the new and exciting virtual reality experience of viewing homes, apartments and new properties. With a few swipes, users can navigate an intuitive search feature and instantly find themselves standing in the room they want to see via photosphere or videosphere. Homebuyers, renters and business owners can look around as if they're actually at the property of interest, which is made possible through the sophisticated use of gyroscopic sensors and projective geometry. For sellers, adding and modifying listings happens easily and instantly through a Parse backend. From home owners to budding and mature businesses, Exhibit aims to bring the best places, to the best people, in the best way. Made with some cool friends.

VR Phone

Turns any mobile phone, iOS and Android, into a quick and accessible virtual reality experience. Requires a VR viewer like Google Cardboard.

360 Camera

Plastic Dreams

If you can dream it, you can build it... or perhaps it's more like, if you can CAD it, you can print it? Regardless, a fun project illustrating how mechanical, electrical and software elements can come together to create something amazing. Original 3D printer design and control software by the open-source RepRap community. Calibration and firmware configuration was hair-pulling at times, but it was all worth the struggle after the first successful prints. This project supported the construction of the VR camera above and will likely support many new projects to come.


Badgerloop, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Badgerloop is a team of 80+ students from the University of Wisconsin, Madison participating in the Hyperloop Pod Competition hosted by SpaceX. Badgerloop placed 3rd with an award in Pod Technical Excellence among 100+ teams from 20+ countries at the first design weekend at Texas A&M.

My role on the team is to lead the development of virtual reality applications to enhance the passenger experience and visualization of riding in our pod using 360 cameras and computer graphics.

To check out the inside of the pod, visit this link on a mobile phone or download the VR app from the Google Play store:

Play Store


Driven by a culmination of lighting techniques, photoshop and a play on perspective, Dreams is a photographical experiment of strange, yet wonderful events. Shot with some cool friends.

  • Canon CMOS
  • Speedlights
  • Photoshop

Karma: 2 Minute Movie

An introspection about how our every-day decisions make more of an impact than we think. Filmed with some cool friends. Tested low-light capabilities of CMOS video sensors.

Jason Derulo

Perfect Harmony

Photography for the Perfect Harmony Ad Campaign featured on American Idol. In collaboration with the awesome crew at Vendetta Studios. Watch here.

Jason Derulo


Coca Cola FOX

Signal Processing

for Astronomical Cameras and Far-infrared Spectrometers using Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)

Micro-Spec / KID


Quick Portfolio

About Felix


Hi, my name is Felix.

I have come to trust that everything that has happened, and will happen, is exactly the way it needs to be, despite being seemingly great or terrible.

I am interested in computers and photography.

I also enjoy going on ethnic culinary adventures with my friends, traveling to strange places and listening to other people's life stories.

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy the journey.


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